Along Route 1 in California

Doodling in New Orleans


New orleans is a sweet disaster. It’s passion and fun and ecstasy running right along fear and longing.


The Great Redwoods, the oldest beings alive.

The Big Lagoon State Park. We camped here for two days. The Big Lagoon was good to us.

I did not get enough pictures of this place.

Arcata redwood park, in Northern California

Sunset over the Pacific ocean on the best day ever.


The California coast.  I <3 Northern Cali.

First time touching the Pacific Ocean

My own personal walk through Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Forest.

The moment we got into Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Forest….we kinda freaked out.

I had such grand plans for this blog when I started; posting almost everyday, potentially having long winded and prolific accounts of my daily travels both good and bad, blurry snaps from my iphone showing where I was at all times. Clearly, this didn’t happen. This is not unexpected as I tend to start projects I have no ability to finish.

I am not so upset as I would normally be about my failings.

In this case, it’s not really a failing. I am so busy exploring, learning, seeing new places that the idea of sitting at a computer for too long is…pretty boring. I’ve had so many days of ‘well shit my battery is dead and we have no way to charge it’ to ‘No service for three days..fuck it,’ and I was fine with that. So fine.

Hopefully I’ll be able to balance more, but if I don’t, it can wait. I’ll post when I can, or when I feel like it, and that’s just fine.

Wed, 01st of January    3 notes

My favorite stop on the Vashon Island Art Studio Tours, GRG Bells.

He had the prettiest things…….and the best food.

Another stop on the Vashon Island Art Studio tours, Practical Creativity